history of the company

our company started up with an idea of several people for a mutual activity. there people apart of friendship  for many years gathered to cooperate in numerous productions, feature and tv films. from 2011 we work under the title Joker Film, but our cooperation as production managers and ADs started back in 1996. our first stage vehicles apeared on the sets in 2007. before that, back in 2005 set hits were our first campers and trailers. all these years we’ve worked in several tens of productions where we’ve gained experiance valuable for today’s complexed services we provide for the stages and sets.

Joker Film  (Stage Service and Film Campers), provide service localy as well as abroad. we work 27/7 and 365 days a year.

important dates in our history:


· 2011: total consolidation and establishment of the joint stock company Joker Film

· 2010: buyed brand into Campery Filmowe®

· 2007: starting mutual activity under one brand as Joker Film

· 2003-2005: operating the stages together as a group though legaly on the separate licesne basis...

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